Fun Morning in Wyevale Garden Centre

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Happy Tuesday guys!

So today post is about our recent experience in Wyevale Garden Centre – Weybridge.

I’ve visited this centre before and I really love going there but never been to the events they organise for the little ones. We went to Spring week – Sweet Tweets where kids made chocolate nests filled with jelly worms and yummy eggs.
As you probably know, my daughter is almost three and she was very excited about it, especially about the chocolate part.

Mummy’s Fast & Easy

So we headed to the centre and even though we were a few minutes late the staff welcomed us and sat my daughter at a table where everyone was busy making chocolate nests. Everyone was very friendly and made sure all the children are happy and busy making their nests.
After making the chocolate nests, there was another table prepared with activity sheets and squash.
So kids were colouring and decorating while having squash and waiting patiently to get their chocolate nests and eat them!

In the end, she went to the play area where she met quite a few friends. Meanwhile, mum and dad were having breakfast at the cafe(how conveniently).

Oh, and what’s more there are more events coming so we will definitely check these out.
The Wyevale Garden Centre has become one of our favourite places to go with our children – while kids have fun, mum and dad can relax at the cafe. And, not to forget to mention, summer is coming, there is a great variety of garden staff that you can pick up for your garden!

To find your nearest garden centre and more information about it simply visit the page .

Also, here’s the link with the upcoming events .

Mummy’s Fast & Easy

What are your favourite family places to go?
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Mummy’s Fast & Easy

Mummy’s Fast & Easy
Mummy’s Fast & Easy

My daughter’s chocolate nests right before she ate them!