Salame di Cioccolato

It’s Saturday again and here’s another Christmas idea to get you in the Christmas spirit – Chocolate Salami.
You can actually have it all year round but this piece of heaven really gets me into the Christmas spirit!:)
Super easy to make and only a few ingredients.
Indulge yourself with this chocolate delight!
And beware – it is dangerously delicious!:-)


200g dark chocolate
125g butter, melted
2 eggs
100g sugar
300g digestive biscuits, crushed
70ml rum


Break the chocolate into bars and melt it using the bain-marie method.
Whisk the eggs and sugar.
Add the melted butter and rum and mix thoroughly.
Add the chocolate mixture and mix again.

In a bowl, place the crushed biscuits and pour over the chocolate mixture.
Use spatula and work the mixture until all the biscuits crumbs are covered in chocolate.
Place a piece of baking paper on a working surface.
Make sure it is big enough to wrap up your salami.
Pour the mixture on the paper and squeezing gently shape a salami.
Wrap it up with foil and refrigerate for at least 3 hour.


Tip: Use good quality dark chocolate (I use Lindt 90% cocoa solids) and good quality dark rum.
The better the ingredients, the better the flavour.:-)

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